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The Hidden City under Chattanooga, TN

The Hidden city

Deep below the current city of Chattanooga, lies an untold number of buildings shrouded in secret and…well…mud and dirt. During the city’s early history, it was plagued with terrible floods that would sweep the streets, especially particularly bad ones in 1875 and 1886. In order to help solve this unfortunate situation, the people of Chattanooga came to the conclusion of building another city directly on top of the old one! The Tennessee river would no longer curse the good people, as the plan to raise the town actually worked. Many of the underground buildings are still visible today, and this sparse collection has been given its own name of, “Underground Chattanooga.”

 The underground city is completely inaccessible to the public due to its hazardous conditions. Cave-ins are unfortunately common in chattanooga, leaving the underground city free of public hands, and left in the care of underground city workers such as plumbers and engineers.

 The underground city might be hidden, but it does pop up to the surface on certain locations such as here at the Big River Grille. In their basement, signs of an old building with most of it buried underground show, and as a matter of fact, much of the entrances into underground Chattanooga are prominently shown on Broad street. It is in these basements where people see the most unnatural occurrences. Voices, cold temperature, and an odd feeling of being watched are all too common here, and sometimes, the spirits responsible for these occurrences show up. One man in particular was working in one of these haunted basements where an entrance into the underground city lay. He had this odd feeling which he ignored until he turned around and faced a ghost. This specter was wearing old work clothes and appeared to be in pain. They stared at each other for a second until the spirit turned around and gently made its way down and into the entrance of the underground city. Suffice to say, some form of suffering happened down there, a form so great that it left behind the ones who suffered.


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