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Chosts of Scenic City
Chattanooga Ghosts, Voodoo, Murder & Mystery Tour

Do you have the courage to explore the shadows that shroud Chattanooga's storied past?

Embark, if your heart can bear it, on a ghostly voyage through the hauntingly beautiful landscapes of Chattanooga. This tour, guided by a seer who walks between worlds, promises to stir the slumbering spirits of Scenic City. As dusk blankets the city, we begin a chilling quest to unveil mysteries long whispered by the spirits themselves.

Our journey takes us across the iconic Walnut Street Bridge, where echoes of the past blend with the murmurs of the Tennessee River, telling tales of sorrow and lost souls seeking passage to the other side. The air grows colder, the atmosphere charged with the presence of the unseen.

Next, the Hunter Museum looms before us, its artworks shadowed by stories of the supernatural. Feel the weight of history and the brush of an unseen presence as we tread through its hallowed halls, where the past feels eerily alive.

Our final descent into mystery takes us to the infamous Read House Hotel, a bastion of elegance with a heart of darkness. Within its walls, the legacy of tragedy, love entangled with death, and whispers of murder linger. Dare to listen to the silent stories that haunt its lavish rooms, where the line between this world and the next is perilously thin.

Prepare for an experience that will haunt your dreams, as we unveil the Ghosts of Scenic City Chattanooga Ghosts, Voodoo, Murder & Mystery Tour. Steel your nerves, for tonight, we dance with shadows and discover tales of the macabre that will chill you to the bone.

Join us... if you dare to confront the ghostly inhabitants of Chattanooga's most haunted locales. 

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