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Jim Williams and the Mercer House

Are you ready to step into Savannah's haunted mansions and come face-to-face with the ghosts of the past? Then let us tell you the chilling story of Jim Williams and the Mercer-Williams House.

It all started with the deafening gunshot that echoed through the Mercer-Williams House. The smoke from the pistol danced through the air as Jim Williams realized he had just shot his lover. But that was only the beginning of the house's dark history.

Jim Williams originally came to Savannah as an art dealer and bought an old inn home called the "Hampton Lillibridge House". Despite warnings of strange noises, awful sightings of ghosts and demons, and even a worker's death during restoration, Jim moved into the home once it was fully restored. But the hauntings didn't stop there - furniture moved, doors closed in his face, and whispers and voices haunted him at night.

Tired of his lack of sleep, Jim hired a bishop to exorcise his home, but the hauntings continued until he finally moved out in 1969 and into the infamous Mercer-Williams House. During the age of Jim Williams, the house saw fabulous parties and laughter through its corridors. But Jim's relationship with a young gigolo named Danny Hansford soured and ended in tragedy when Jim shot and killed him in his office.

Despite going to trial four times, Jim was acquitted on the claim of self-defense. But some say he made a deal with a local witch and never paid what he owed her, leading to his sudden death from pneumonia and heart failure on the exact spot where he shot and killed Danny nine years earlier.

Today, the Mercer-Williams House is said to be haunted by the ghosts of Jim Williams, Danny Hansford, and even the young boy Tommy Downs who fell to his death while shooting pigeons from the roof. Some claim to hear the laughter and music of Jim's famous parties, while others see specters through the windows.

Join us at Ghostown Tours as we explore the Mercer-Williams House and the ghosts of its past. But beware, you never know who or what may be lurking in its halls, waiting for their next victim to join them.


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